Welcome and thank you for visiting GFWC LaFayette Woman’s Club. We are a member driven non-profit volunteer service organization made up of women of all ages who share a very simple common goal to serve and volunteer within our community.  For over 80 years, the LaFayette Woman’s Club is “MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITY”!

Founded in 1938, our club’s primary purpose is to organize and carry out charitable service programs to benefit our community, provide leadership opportunities, and enrich the lives of its members through personal growth.

By joining our club or any woman’s club in your area, you have the opportunity to work with other women to improve the social, cultural and physical needs in your city or town. In so doing, you will meet and make new friends, gain in knowledge, and become a better citizen of your community.

The Lafayette Woman’s Club is a member of the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC Georgia) as well as the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC). GFWC Georgia has approximately 80 clubs and 2,100 members throughout the State of Georgia and GFWC which has 80,000 members strong and united in its dedication to volunteer community service.

OUR MISSION –The overall mission of GFWC Georgia and our club are the same which is to enhance the lives of others in our local communities through volunteer service. GFWC Georgia and its local clubs and members create global change working on a local level by selecting projects and programs by determining the specific needs of the communities in which they live and work every day.

We promise you that through membership in GFWC Georgia you will grow as a person in leadership and will bring new interests into your home. We believe much more can be accomplished when there are many working together in the same interest and belief than when trying to act as an individual.

Our club members are encouraged to select work wherein their interest lies. There is something for everyone who becomes a member of our organization and clubs. Please visit our Program Page to learn about our five Community Service Programs and the charities we partner with ad assist in our community.